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Celebration of Loy Krathong 2566

Celebrates Loy Krathong with a Glimpse of History!

     In a thrilling fusion of tradition and exploration, Mandanusorn School embraced the magic of Loy Krathong, offering students a captivating journey through our town’s rich history. 

     This year’s celebration takes our students on an exciting excursion around the town, where they uncover the intriguing tales that shaped our province. From ancient landmarks to serene temples, the adventure promises a mix of cultural discovery and educational enrichment, all aboard the school bus! 

     This celebration goes beyond textbooks, promising an unforgettable experience that blends fun with learning. Students dive  into the pages of our local history, fostering a strong connection with our roots. Stay tuned for the festivities that promise to leave lasting memories and a deeper understanding of our cultural heritage!


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