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Christmas Day Celebration 2023

Awesome Christmas Fun at Our School!

       Our school’s Christmas celebration was super cool and filled with magical moments! The happiness on everyone’s faces was like a treasure, and we all had a blast giving and getting good vibes.

         We did lots of fun stuff during the celebration. First up, there were awesome dance moves and sweet Christmas carols that got everyone in the holiday mood. It was like a big party where everyone could join in and have a good time.

       But wait, there’s more! We also had a raffle draw, which was really exciting. Some lucky students, teachers, parents and friends got cool prizes, and it added a bit of surprise to the festivities. It was so cool to see everyone’s eyes light up when they opened their presents. It made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like we were one big happy family.

       Overall, our Christmas celebration was a mix of dancing, singing, winning prizes, and spreading joy through giving gifts. It was the kind of day that makes our school feel extra special. Here’s to the holiday spirit and all the good times we shared! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New  Year for the year 2024!


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